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About Benwaa Spices

From time immemorial, spices have been an integral part of food, not only in India but in many countries in all continents.

Spices are used to flavour food. In earlier times, while grounding spices, the aroma filled in air was so nostalgic that it enchanted the taste buds, made everyone to grouse for delicacies to be cooked by Grandmother, mother, sister, wife or daughter later at home.

Cooking continues and will continue. So will be the use of spices in our food. Cooking has gone beyond relations and gender. We all love to savour the best. Best aroma, best flavour and the best taste.

India has distinct use of spices in every home. But there is no more grounding of masalas at home. Hence, to ease the effort that goes in preparing delicious food, SHANAY Foods presents spices with brand name “BENWAA”.

Our Products

Black pepper powder
bombay biryani
Dal makhani masala
Dhaniya powder
rajmah masala
Kuti lal mirch
Jeera Powder
Shahi paneer